How do i log in to the album so i can edit the themes etc?

Hi im having trouble logging to the album on my site so that i can change themes and stuff. What is the login information? i can make an account there but i cant do anything with it. is there like an admin account or something I need to know the password?. Is there an upload manager or something to upload at?


admin/admin is the default

admin/admin is the default admin user/password

If you would read the install documentation you would know it :)



I disable in group user main option and now when I log, I dont have main option like users group. How I can change that. Sory for english. Regards, Tomo!

you should be able to enable

you should be able to enable the same way you disabled it.

When I log I dont have that

When I log I dont have that option in menu option. Regards


Thanks got in now, and its a very good program ive been looking for something that would do this sort of thing for a long time.



My Admin menu does not have all menu item, some menu item are not visible and I dont no have to have back.

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