images not showing, red X on Windows 2003, IIS, PHP installation

I installed the phpalbum script and everything went great up until i actually loaded images. all i get is red X's. This is running on Windows 2003, IIS, and PHP v5.2.6

I have verified GD is installed on PHP, according to phpinfo()

Patrik, may I PM you the info for my site and have you take a look around?


Make sure both GD2 and

Make sure both GD2 and mbsting are enabled in the php.ini file

both are enabled..

any other thoughts?

Check your memory limit in

Check your memory limit in php.ini
If you have big (pixelwise) pictures it could be a problem. Try to upload smaller pictures for example 800x600. If that will work, you will either have to use smaller pictures or raise your memory limit.

And of course you can send me email with your page info.


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