Unable to upload file testfile! from Upload Manager


I'm working with a new phpalbum install and just testing out the Upload Manager. I've got past the bit about getting the ftp folder specified correctly - in my case needing it to be /public_html/phpalbum/photos/

This is an empty folder with one subfolder.

Now the login give an error message "Unable to upload file testfile!"

I've used the same credentials from a CMD box and can do
cd /public_html/phpalbum/photos/
send t.txt <- a simple test ascii file send works fine

I can also delete the file form the CMD box.

The protection on the folder as seen by FileZilla is drwxrwxr-x

Any/all help appreciated.


Fixed - ftp_pasv() was the cause


I made some php edits and found that the ftp_put() calls were timing out after 90 seconds (the default). I made sure the folders were all 777 and changed the testfile name to not just be '.test' [a previous post cited this as an invalid file name for some ftp setups]. These changes made no difference.

The 90 timeut went away when I changed the ftp_pasv() calls to false [from true].

I'm not sure why turning pasive mode OFF would fix this, but it did.


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