transferred to a new site - lost file descriptions

I spent several hours on this yesterday, and finally figured out what was happening-- wanted to let people know what worked for me in case the encounter the same thing.

I have an album with several hundred images in it, and I moved it to a new host. Afterward, I noticed that any time the directories were scanned, all of the file descriptions would be lost.

After almost losing my mind going through permissions, I found out it was timestamp related. In the album_files_XXXX files, I noticed that the timestamps were for when I originally uploaded the images, but that the timestamps on the files themselves were changed when I uploaded them to the new host. Apparently, phpAlbum determined them to be different files.

My fix was to just use a custom script to go through and change the timestamps in the various album_files_XXXX files, and lo, all of my descriptions came back, and don't disappear when the directories are scanned.

Hope that helps!

(of course, this could all have been avoided, i believe, had i been using IPTC... but with over 600 images in the various galleries, and half of them NOT having IPTC already in them... i don't want to change)

This is a Bug, I'll fix

This is a Bug, I'll fix that.

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