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first of all - great stuff! But one problem seems not to be solvable for me. Everytime I check out for new albums (or it is done automatically) some php-files show off in the album.

I know that I can set them invisible, but this happesn every time I uplaod some pix.

I'm pretty sure that there is a trick I haven't got.

You can see it on

Thanks in advance,

You should have distinct

You should have distinct directories for photos and data. What you are seeing are data directories which are added automatically if new albums are scanned by PA.

Just use distinct directories and everything will be ok.


So what to do exactly? Where

So what to do exactly? Where can I set the data directory. or is the one I set in the config.php the data directory and I can choose another for my photos?


Yes, data directory in

Yes, data directory in config.php, and the directory for photos later in Setup->Main Setup.

Thanks a lot! It works!

Thanks a lot! It works!

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