How to change logo?

How do I swap out the logo for a customized one? I'm not trying to take credit for your work or anything but it really no longer looks like my site at all with that logo.

You can setup it here (path

You can setup it here (path is relative to phpAlbum directory):

Setup->Themes->Logo File Path

cool thanks. great program

cool thanks.

great program btw

Hiding subdirectory link?

I have successfully installed phpAlbum on my website and it's working great with one little issue.

On the left side of my gallery page, it's showing what I assume to be a link to a subdirectory (?) which shows an image which at times has been a broken image icon and now is a folder icon and link text that reads "_vti_cnf."

I believe that refers to something that is created by Microsoft Frontpage, but I am not finding a folder by that name on my site. At any rate, there are no subfolders that I want to link. Is there a way to disable the display of this link and image?

A screenshot of what I am talking about is available at

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Perhaps it's a hidden

Perhaps it's a hidden directory that's been placed in your picture directory. And has been indexed by phpAlbum.

To disable the view of this directory, go to the setup, Galleries and select the required directory. Then uncheck the checkbox visible and you'll see that the folder has disappeared

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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