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I see files named phpdatabase.php & install_db.php but I don't see anywhere to setup a database to log photos, captions, comments, etc. Is this available? I'd rather use a DB than have several new files written to the server each day.


Then you will have to find

Then you will have to find another php album , like for example Gallery2 (which is the best one). phpAlbum does not use DB and probably never will. This is I think the most important thing the people like on phpAlbum.

phpdatabase.php is the flat-file pure PHP database developed by me.
Even a full text indexes will be in next version stored in flat files.

Note that OS-Filesystem is a database too, why should someone use another database for applications like this. I mean, I am ORACLE professional, and ORACLE is really the best Database on the world, but I would never use it for personal photo album :)

For example, in phpAlbum, you only have to backup phpAlbum directory, in Gallery2 and many other php-albums you have to backup database too. Of course it is easier to develop with some DB like MySQL but for me it is a big fun to do it without it :)


Thanks for the reasoning.

Didn't realize you were going for a pure php solution.


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