Short description bug

1. Thank you very much for this easy to install and use php online photo album solution. Not to mention FREE :)
2. I tryed to change the short description of the pictures in my album and I saw that it doesn't work for all of them. For some galleries it is totally ok, for others it doesn't. The settings of the galleries are exactly the same. What should I do to correct it?
Many thanks.

I guess, the issue are the

I guess, the issue are the directory names. It could by some kind of bug in phpAlbum, could you put here some examples of full directory names where it does not work, and some where it does? Does they have some special characters (not alpha-numeric)?

No alphanumeric characters


There are no alphanumeric charaters (neither in the folder structure, nor in the short description of the galleries). Still it doesn't work.

You can see it for yourself at: user pauzamea, pwd ***

Thanks in advance for solving this issue.

I have the same issue haha,

I have the same issue haha, just posted it up

I noticed that I do have an underscore in the foldername, I'll try removing it and replacing it with a *gasp* space

Still no luck

OK, I just tried renaming the folder no special chars, or spaces.

It only has 151 images in it as well.

The directory name that's

The directory name that's not working for me is NC2008, which started as NC 2008, but I removed the space thinking that might have been the issue, but haven't had any luck yet.

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