Standard FTP account

Hi Patrik,

just another one I did not find any information so far:

I think it would be very helpful if the admin could set an general FTP account to the photo section. So the Upload feature gets easier to use by users which are allowed to uplaod content?!


The problem here is only the

The problem here is only the storing of FTP user/password. It can only be stored in clear-text so in worst case, it could be visible for somebody.

For people with SafeMode=off, I will implement non-FTP uploading of pictures, it is easier and needs no FTP module and FTP password.

FTP was just the best solution if PHP runs in SafeMode.


I understand your concerns

I understand your concerns regarding the user/password visibility somewhere.
My intention here is that I have an FTP account "only" for the photo folder. So damage would be limited, and I (or any other user) can change user /password at any time in the background without having the users to tell about this.


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