Perhaps I posted my question in the wrong chanel, perhaps I wasn't clear enough . . . so, let me try this again.

Here's what happening:



Everything uploads just fine, all the content is there...


Gallery "Album1" >> Thumbnail of PHOTO1, PHOTO2, PHOTO3
Gallery "Album2" >> Thumbnail of PHOTO8, PHOTO3, PHOTO9
Gallery "Album3" >> Thumbnail of PHOTO5, PHOTO9, PHOTO1


You see? Everything is getting jumbled by the code and since the coresponding thumnail is trying to find a picture that isn't in the directory it THINKS IT'S IN, nothing displays.

This is very frustrating problem. Someone, ANYONE . . . PLEASE HELP!!!!

Actually not possible :)

Actually not possible :) may be you could try to delete the database and try it again (just delete all files in your data directory), but you will loose all your settings.

If this does not help, I could take a look on it if you send me your FTP-Account on support[at]

Possible Indeed . . .

I will reload everthing as suggested, but in the future, I ask that you view the website reference in my first post (that you replied to), [] and see that the above example is indeed possible, because IT IS HAPPENING!

I'll post here and let you know how it works out.


I did not wanted to say that

I did not wanted to say that I do not believe you :) it is just very strange problem I have never seen before, and I can't check it as I can not see what is on your server, I only can see the webpage you posted.

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