php - enable-ftp ???

Dear Sirs!

I moved my good working phpAlbum prototype from my debian Server next room to my STRATO domain.
(Some people thought it was the best solution. Me too).

It worked after some minutes at Strato.
(But seems to be quite slow in real live, also when the cache should exist)

Now phpAlbums Uploadmanager says:

FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to use upload manager. Ask your provider to enable or install it.

I looked arround a little in your forum and found -> php should have been translated with enable-ftp - I can workarround it with uploading my pictures with a ftp client.

Shure - this is possible. But what will all the people say, who use for example the "Image Gallery" from websitebaker in their personal space on the same Site ?

... Now i wait a little what Strato says.
... looks like i have to use something else.
... pixelpost or so.

or do you have a solution?