EXIF information not showing


I uploaded photo's manually to my dir. They show up fine but EXIF-data is not being shown.

I am sure that it is present when I upload it. I have tried resizing using Picasa, IrfanView and Photoshop. All of wich retain EXIF information. (I can see it in the properties). When they are resized in PHPalbum I see that thumbs and photo's do not retain EXIF. My question: Is EXIF being read from the uploaded photo or from the resized ones?

If it is being read from the originals, is it being stored somewhere or is this done on-the-fly?

I have been heavily modding the theme, but for me it also doesn't work with the original installation. Is there any specific library that needs to be installed or maybe PHP5 instead of PHP4?

Hi, EXIF info is loaded from


EXIF info is loaded from original uploaded pictures. So they should be showed if they are there. Did you checked if you have EXIF module enabled in your PHP installation? You can find it on phpinfo() page.
If not, ask your Admin to install and/or enable it.


damn, my provider (one.com)

damn, my provider (one.com) does not support it. :( any other way for me to enable it? They told me to use gallery2 as an alternative[sic] as it uses an alternative way to read EXIF wich they support, but i wanted to use phpalbum.

Any tips?

Sorry, but there is no other

Sorry, but there is no other way to do it in PA out of the box.
There are some other possibilities to read EXIF in PHP but I used this EXIF module to read it as it is very often enabled on servers. Actually, I do not understand why one.com does not support it, as doing it other way consumes more CPU time as using some other PHP workarounds.


They said that the EXIF

They said that the EXIF module posed "Security Risks", which is dumb I know :(

Maybe someone has a way of "hacking" an alternative into PA because I really need the EXIF info, I don't want to enter all this info by hand.

Found it after a tip from a

Found it after a tip from a friend.

It seems one.com has PHP4 as a standard with the option to switch to PHP5.

When I switched it to PHP5 EXIF was enabled. The module was only disabled fro PHP4.

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