I would like to say that gallery is the best ever.
I want to know how i can make (or if is possible) to have thumbnails of gallery, when viewing the fullsize picture.

I mean:
i have 3 galleries.
I click one, then i see 10 photos.
I click one photo, then, at that page in left, or somewhere to have all the other 10 photos, but smaller as a thumbnails.

Escuze my english, all i am trying to say is when I see one photo from gallery X, the other photos from X gallery to be thumbs in left (or right, or ..anywhere, but i preffered in left place)

Can some one tell me?
Thanx in advance

Not possible yet. Will be in

Not possible yet. Will be in next version. Sorry.

when is new version?

and when will be ready the new version?

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