Thumbnails - some show. some dont. some dont and look different.

I recently installed phpalbum. Of all the albums I've tried over the years, this one fits my tastes the best. So kudos to the author(s).

I FTPd some of my pictures from my camera, and they uploaded fine.

I then FTPd some pics from my sisters camera.

Thumbnails seem to be really messed up now.

Some show a correct thumbnail. Some show a white thumbnail. Some show a tiny white thumbnail.

When you click on the thumbnail, the picture does show just fine.

Nothing shows up under error logs.

What should I do?

hrmmm. So on some pages, no


So on some pages, no thumbnails exist.
if I hit refresh. MOST of the thumbnails generate that werent there before.

very odd.

Looks like some pictures are

Looks like some pictures are corrupt on your server. Like this one:

This is the link to the original image of the DSC00147.JPG Picture.

May be some problem with FTP?, could you check if the Image on the Server is really corrupt? In this case, PHP can not create normal Thumbnail and resized picture ...


thanks patrik. I deleted

thanks patrik. I deleted the bad files. Some files still dont create thumbnails until i view the thumbnail page and hit refresh. Easy to refresh for me, and then they are fine, but still weird.

Thumbnales. Ha there little buggers,

Hey Just found a way to get em going.

Goto the Album > Cashe > Do size and Size so the ones that are 0 on top and then Delete them.

This should work for u.

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