Configuration seems fine but pictures aren't showing properly

Hi there, Would appreciate any help. It seems to be finding the images fine. The names are showing up under the broken images but the images themselves don't show. Thumbnail or full size.

Any thoughts?

Thank you


HI, of course i could help

of course i could help you, could you send me link to your site where i can see it and also the setup password for your album? Just click on the admin link and use contact formular. The problem ist it can have more reasons that you don't have the pictures displayed. One of them is memory limit. Try to use some lower resolution pictures like 800x600 or even smaller. If you see this, you have memory limit problem, you have to increase this (ask your provider) or change provider or use smaller pictures. If it doesn't help just send me the link and password, i will look at it...

I also see this problem in

I also see this problem in Internet Explorer only. Check out my site in both IE and Firefox:

The thumbnails are broken images in IE but the full size image works fine. What could be causing this?

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