500 Internal Server Error

Once installed I have been testing phpAlbum for few days now. Everything seems to be fine except repetitive 500 errors occuring always during 'cmd=imageorig' actions. The same original picture shows fine for the first time and after that all following attempts on (click to download original file) always produce 500 crash! Showing the same pictures in all other previews / sizes around the system works 100%. I have about 400 pictures, mainly within 200->300KB sizes allocated in 17 Albums and this problem relates even to small original 50KB images. I am using standard godaddy/Apache/1.3.33/php5/IE7.0 with php memory_limit=64M.
Do you have any suggestions?
Many Thanks,

I think this is some setting

I think this is some setting on your Apache or PHP. I already checked some servers with the same problem, but never found a solution for this. So I think i can't help you.

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