Directory Scan fails after php memory problem


at first thanks for the great album and all your work !

I have a problem with the scan of the directories: new directories are not anymore found.

The reason is for sure related to problems I had before and probably misconfiguration of my files, so this happened after the following:

I added a directory and did a new scan. Unfortunately the memory limit on the web server was set to low and I got a php memory limit
error and the scan was not performed succesfully.

I solved the memory problem by adding
ini_set('memory_limit', '82M');
in main.php.

Anyway I had tried the scan several times and several files "album_files_xxx.php" had been created in my data_xxx folder, which had no valid content in it.
I deleted these files and tried to get the album back on track by modifying album_directory.php, and setting "'nextval' => '1139'," in album_SYS_SEQUENCES.php to the last usefull album_files_xxx.php in my folder.

But still new directories are not found.

Could you please help me ? What is is mechanism to scan for new directories, where is the status stored.

Many thanks

Me again - I hope it works

Me again - I hope it works now (still have to check in detail).
It seems it was a problem with write access to the files - during copy from my computer to the host, the files got write protected and so the 'album_directory.php' file is not updated.

It would be nice to have a failure note for this kind of failures, I detected this when I tried to add a comment and this also did not work, as the file was not writable and there is neither a confirmation for a given command nor any failure note in case it was refused.

Well, another nice to have feature :)

Best regards

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