Windows Photo Gallery setup issue

I tried to install the script on my Windows IIs system. What version of PERL or engine do I need to run this script? I cannot seem to get it to install on my system...

Out of frustration, for now, Ive downloaded ImageIsland (ImageIsle Freeware version), which is photo album software for IIs and Windows, and runs pretty good. I like the interface better. You should try it if you have Windows server 2000 or 2003 hosting and need a simple photo gallery for your site: Go to for ImageIsland photo album software.

Is PHPAlbum planning to improve Windows support?

There is no problem on

There is no problem on running PA on Windows Server, I have installed it on my test system win2k3 Server. You need PHP and not PERL, this is a PHP Script.

But you are right, installing PHP with IIS was not that easy, at least in my case not, using Apache+PHP on Windows is much easier.


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