Photo not displaying properly - my problem or a bug?

I used the online installer to install the php album. It's great and I've had relatively little fuss. I have been resizing my originally very large images down to 700px wide or 525px wide if portrait as that appeared to be the default when I uploaded smaller images. So that's fine and most of the images show, but occasionally (and I'm talking at least 15 images I think now) I am finding that when the image loads in the phpalbum, it's loading funny. When I say funny, sometimes the image appears on the screen disjointed or there are black patches.

I thought it was me, an error with ftp process or resizing issues, so I resized an image, uploaded it directly to my website and not via ftp or dreamweaver and looked again. Same problem. Image is not displaying properly or in full. It's there but parts of it are distorted or discoloured. So I decided to find out for myself, did this image load on to the server properly at all? And sure enough, I entered the path to an individual picture that is causing me grief and it displays correctly.

I read someone mentioning something about virtual memory, but cannot see how this pertains to me. It's always screwing up on the same pictures and I have tried numerous times with renaming files, deleting, uploading, resizing with different programs etc and still I get the same error. Any ideas? The photos are fine, it's just when some of them are being displayed in the phpalbum gallery they are distorting and I'm not the only one seeing this. I'm running on Vista home premium with IE7. My friend is running on Ubuntu with Firefox and sees the same thing I do. I emailed him the photo both resized and original and they got to him fine. It's not the image, it's something with the scripting I think. Sorry it's long winded - tried to convey as best I could.

Could you send me one of

Could you send me one of that funny :) pictures? But may be this is a bug in GD2 Library of PHP and I can't do anything about it. Or it is some unsupported JPG format or like that ...

Hi Patrik, Thanks for your

Hi Patrik,

Thanks for your reply. I can send you the picture which displays properly. I can't send you the link to the gallery where it shows all screwy as it's in a password protected area, but certainly the picture itself. I may be able to do a screen dump of the image in the gallery so you can see what I mean.

I was about to do a screen

I was about to do a screen dump of one of the images in question. I noticed the thumb nail still shows as the faulty image was showing when clicked on, but maybe because I went to view the actual image at its path, the computer remembered to retrieve the image as it displays correctly. Now the only problem I have is on the thumbnail. I will try and do a rescan on this gallery and see where I get. There are still other images affected so will see how i get on with that (by visiting image at full path). It might be a matter of me fiddling until I find a way to fix it. But it's not a memory issue, I do know this.

Try to delete the cache in

Try to delete the cache in Setup-Cache-options.

Hi Patrik, I've deleted the

Hi Patrik,

I've deleted the cache, but it doesn't appear to have made a difference. I think it's a matter of fiddle and see what happens. I also noticed that on one image I checked that I recently uploaded, it appeared odd when I uploaded it as it did in the album. When I re-upload, no doubt it will come right. It's just an oddity I can't figure out when the images are fine before they are added to the gallery.

I can live with it as the rest of your gallery script is relatively straight forward.

Can't get it to work

Following was logged in the Apache errors log.

[Tue Apr 01 15:49:15 2008] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg() in /var/www/html/phpAlbum/main.php on line 356, referer:

Looks like you have not

Looks like you have not installed/enabled GD2 in your PHP installation.

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