Problem with width in IE7

The phpAlbum is really great; easy to install and with many attractive functions, like the E-card.
But, I have to influence the width of the albums to wrap it in my website. Of course I can do it in the wrapper-software, but then IE6+7 misbehaves, going outside the i-frame to the right.
In many files I see ´table width="100%"; changing that in for example main.php or album.tpl.php has not any effect. Is there a main file to change the width?
And where can I make the background transparant, or add a background-image (FireFox accepts it, but IE7 does not)?

Many thanks in advance

iframe troubles

There are dramatic differences between IE6, IE7, and Firefox. Especially with width/height and iframes. I have a "hack" for CSS that addresses some of these, if anyone needs to use it:

What I would do is remove width="100%" and leave off entirely. The table may stretch to fill the space in iframes. I would also try setting a set width on all your iframes, when possible and use CSS styles as follows on all divs, tables and containers:


Hope that helps!


Width-problems in IE7

Thanks for your advices Stormy. I will try (and tell you the result).
Trying to understand the background of the problem I looked closer at the structure of the coding with tables. Unfortunately I saw a tabel in a column in a table. The result is that sometimes width=100% is absolute, and later it is relative.
Replacing all 100% with 60% solved a part of the problem, but in another part I got rows of 60 x 60 = 36%.

So I reorganised the tables and columns - with an better, but not perfect result.

Of course it should be better to define the width in the css-file. But then I have to look closer at the css-classes whether they can manage that, or that they have not enough variation to determine the expected width on the right place.

And then the changing of the background-color, or replacing it with an image-file in css-file or hardcoded. Transparency is not an option for IE7 and the backgroundimage does not yet work, although had success.

Have a nice time,

same problem

Im having the same exact problem. If you could post a solution that would be great.

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