Adding table with custom data in the pictures L.D

Hi There,

I love this script, it's amazing and works really well for me.

I am using it with "CG Artwork" not photos, so I want to display custom data such as: "Artist name:" - "Country:" - "Software used:" - "Comments:"...etc all that in a nice table under the picture "in the picture view mode" - how to do that?

I know that it could be done by pasting HTML code in the "Long description" field - But it only takes 1 line of code - the code is 10s of lines- should I add "br" after each line?!

I did What I want in the "Galleries Long Description" because there is a "multiline edit-field with scrollbar" to paste the code - not just a 1 line field.

Thanks in advance for your fast reply.

Hany Abbas

For descriptions like you

For descriptions like you need, there are Photo-Parameters.
You can add new Photo parameters in Setup-PhotoParameters.

These parameters when you create you can fill out in Setup->Pictures section of setup. Parameters which you won't use, you can delete.

There are 3 types of parameters:

  • User value - these are free texts which you can then type for pictures
  • User list of values - here you can define for each parameter set of possible values. In Setup->Pictures is then displayed a list of values which you can easily select for each picture.
  • System values- these are some predefined system picutre parameters, like the size, exif and iptc values and so on

These parameters are then displayed in a table under each picture in imageview....

Just try to play with it a little bit, you will see that this is exactly what you want.


Ok, I did it.

Hello from egypt,

Yea, It works! that is great.
Many thanks for your help and fast reply!

How to enter/edit each photo parameters

I can add user value photo parameters and set the default value for all photos. But how could I enter/edit each specific value of the photo parameters?

Enter/edit user value of photo parameter

I just found it by myself! I can do it from the Pictures menu.

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