config.php file, the directory data/ does not exist

Hi Folks

Im struggling with this. Im new to php but can't see what I have dont wrong here.

Im not to sure if i have edited the config file properly.

should the line be something like this?:


which should match a directory of that name.

Well at my end if I have written the line correctly then why would I be getting the message

"Welcome to phpAlbum
Please check your config.php file, the directory data/ does not exist "

I do have a directory that matches the directory name in the config file.

Id be greatful of all help.

ps I'd rather go the manual route as I like to see how things work.

kind regards


If it says the data/

If it says the data/ directory does not exist, than you can be quite sure that in your phpAlbum directory does not exist data/ subdirectory. Create it, allow www user write access to it and it should work.

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