Lstat failed erro

I seem to be getting a lot of these errors.

08/03/14 11:24:22 filetype() [function.filetype]: Lstat failed for Album/MISC/2006-06 (Jun)-29/thmb_PICT0026.png
/opt/lampp/htdocs/phpAlbum/main.php (Line:1384)

Is this a permissions issue?

lstat failed rror

Ok...First thanks for all your efforts. The PA is great. I may have found either a bug or possible feature need.

I have a parent directory with multiple sub directories. When I point the Album directory at the parent directory and scan them I notice that several things happen.

The parent directory is scanned. One of the sub directories is scanned.

When I look at the other subdirectories they fail to present the pictures or thumbnails.

When I review the album_files_SEQ# I see only 2x files. Instead of 1 for every directory AND subdirectory.

When I add the sub directories 1 at a time I see the correct number of Album_files and the db_get_seq_next function appears to increment correctly. And all the pictures and thumbnails present correctly.

Is there a limit to number of subdirectories? Is there a bug when adding multiple subdirectories at the same time?


Hi, no ther is no limit. And


no ther is no limit. And no there should be no problem when adding more directories. It must be something others. May be access rights to that problematic subdirectories? It must be readable for www user.


lstat failed error

Ok...Thanks for the info. I can Chmod 777 to all directories and owner is "wwwuser" with no luck. Interestingly even when db_get_seq_next doesnt increment all directories and subdirectory names are listed in the drop down of the galleries and pictures setup menu. And all the images in all directories are in the album_files_seq# but since the seq number didnt increment they are all in 2x album_files. When they should be in a series(5x) of them.

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