Frequently Asked Questions

How i can add new albums into my photo album?

The answer to this question is very easy. phpAlbum works like Windows Explorer. It shows you the directories(albums) and photos in your Photo-Dir. With adding new subdirectories you get new albums. Note that after adding directory and photos you have to rescan it in Setup->Galleries.

When I upload my images, they won’t display, they are 1600 X 1200, but when I upload images that are smaller in size like 500 x 500, they show up. The size of the actual file seems to have no bearing on this.

This is most likely a problem of your server configuration. On every PHP server there is some memory limit. When the script tries to resize the image to thumbnail it has to load it in to memory. The amount of needed memory is depending on pixel size not on the size of file. If it is not possible to change this limit, you will have to find another server or resize the images to lower pixel size using Gimp, Photoshop or ImageMagick. To be sure if this is the problem you have, try to put smaller pictures like 640x480 or even smaller to see if it works.

Can i make the "setup" link invisible?

YES! In setup, section for translation of text, put for the text setup (ID_SETUP) as translation one space character and save this. The setup link is still there but virtually invisible. Only if you are over the link with cursor, the cursor changes and you can see the underline of space characters.

I get following message in setup page : "MB string not enabled", how can I fix that, what it means?

You can fix that with installing or enabling MBSTRING module in PHP. Ask your provider for that. Never the less this is only warning. If you don't use some special characters like Cyrillic or Chinese characters use ISO-8859-1 character set instead of UTF-8. And don't use special chars like é in file and directory names.

Home link points to Microsoft page, what did i wrong? How can I fix that?

This is actually a bug, you just don't have to put in setup field http:// in your URL, this will be added automatically. And if you put in your browser http://htpp://whatever you will get Microsoft page, no idea why.

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