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29.11.2005 - actual release phpAlbum_v0.2.4

This document handles about installation, setting up and using of phpAlbum.

It always describes actual released version.
In the next versions i try to make a link to this document in setup page of phpAlbum.

1. Installation
There are two possibilities how to install phpAlbum. For automatic and very easy installation go to INSTALL section. There you can install phpAlbum on your ftp-server just in few seconds. This is almost the best way for installing phpAlbum. Especially for people not comming from programmers or some other computer freak community. If you want to install phpAlbum manually then the following description should help you.

First you have to DOWNLOAD actual version of phpAlbum. It is recomended to have always the newest update, as this is an early stage of developing this tool.

Untar downloaded file as following ( you can use alsou winzip for unzipping this file):

tar xvzf phpAlbum_v0.2.4

Now you have created directory phpAlbum_v0.2.4 containing all files needed to install phpAlbum.

Create 3 subdirectories :


Most important is to make the data and photos directory with some appending strings like X2C4 or something that nobody can know. This is strongly recomended if you really want that the password protection of some directories is garanteed.

After this you can edit the file config_change_it.php and change there the only parameter having the right data_something/ data directory name (Slash on the end is mandatory!). Save this and change the filename to the config.php.

Now you can upload the hole directory to your webspace. Best way is to have an extra directory for this like phpAlbum.

Now you can try to look at If this is first installation, you will be redirected to the setup page. There you have to setup directories which are needed to run this program and change the password. Leaving the password blank makes possible for all users change the setup of your album.
You need an data, photos and cache directory. Data and cache should be writable by script-user like wwwrun or something like that.
You must change the rights on data and cache directories, so that user under which is Apache and php running can write in these directories. If this is not the case you will become some error messages in Setup Page.
Now save the settings and if no error messages comes, you are done.
After this you can upload your photos to photos directory, create sub-directories and use your web enabled phpAlbum.

2. Setting up phpAlbum

2.1. Main Setup

  • Setup password Set password for accesing this setup
  • Setup characterset Sets character set which should be used for all pages, default is UTF-8 now.
  • Photos directory Photos direcotry.
  • Cache directory Caching directory
  • Site name Site name, used as title for page.
  • Enable logo Enables logo, otherwise generated with theme
  • Logo path Type path to your logo file
  • Return to Home URL Enables retrun to home link.
  • New dir Indic means how many hours will be 'new' directory indicated
  • Photos(text) Main directory name, default is photos
  • Setuplink text If you left this field cleaer, you will get invisible link :)
  • Next text This text is used for the link to the next photo
  • Previous text This text is used for the link to the previous photo
  • Bottom next-prev Disable bottom Next-Prev links in photo view
  • Cookie-password How long (in hours) should be password stored on client side

Thumbnails setup:

  • Description is a text which will be displayed on page, this is the link used to switch resolution.
  • Thmb.size is the maximum size of thumbnail, no matter if this is width or height, it will always fit in size x size box.
  • Thmb.quality is quality setting which is used to generate displayed JPG. Its value is in % so possible values are 0-100.
  • Photo size is the maximum size of photo, no matter if this is width or height, it will always fit in size x size box. If you set it up as 0, there will be no resizing and that photo will be displayed in orginal resolution and quality.
  • Photo quality is quality setting which is used to generate displayed JPG. Its value is in % so possible values are 0-100. Used only if photo is resised
  • Enabled, this checkbox is used to enable this resolution. The default resolution is always enabled no matter if you check this or not. Switching links are displayed only if more then one resolution is enabled.
  • Default, this radio button is used the set up the default resolution, which is used for first time users. Default resolution will be automatically enabled, no matter if you check "Enabled" or not.

All values in thumbnail setup are just numbers, you have not to type somthing liek 30% or 120px or something like that. Just 30 or 120 is enough.

Themes setup:

  • Theme here you can choose your theme, actually there is now only one aviable
  • Styles chooses color model. With "custom" you can change all color settings
  • Logo-Style chooses logo style, none - meaning no logo, graphical - means schadowed logo generated with true type font, text - means just text displayed with some big font
  • Logo-text is the text used for generating Logo.
  • Logo-color is the main color of Logo, note that there are more colors generated
  • Background is the background color of all pages
  • Linkcolor is the color of all links used in phpAlbum
  • Textcolor is actually used for short descriptions of directories and for description of thumbnails
  • Bordercolor is the color of thumbnails and photos border
  • Photodesc-color is the color of photo descriptions, note that these are displayed with on border of photos

Note that all colors have to be typed in Hexadecimal format like 33FFAA, the character # is not needed, this is automatically added with script.

2.2. Setup Logs

Here you can setup the loggin functionality of phpAlbum.

  • Logging enabled enables logging functionality of phpAlbum
  • Logs filename is the file name where the log informations are stored
  • Exclude strings this is very usefull if you are not interested for logging of your access on the album. For example if i know the all access from is my access from home and access from ip-connect.dx is my access from work then you should write here;ip-connect.dx

2.3. Directories

On the main directory setup, you can change the password and short description of each directory / gallery.

If you want more you have to click on the link to the directory (actually this is the directory name on left side of this page).

There you can change also the long description of directory and all descriptions of photos.

2.4. Cache options

Thera are two options aviable for you.

  • Cache thumbnails check if you want to be thumbnails cached, this is higly recomended.
  • Caching resized Photos check if you want to be alsou resized photos cached, useful if you are used to upload fullsize photos. In that case it takes quite much time to generate resized photo. If it is cached, it takes that time only first time.

Also you can delete the cache. This is sometimes usefull if your cache becomes too large. The actual size of cached files is displayed in mega bytes MB.

If you turn off the caching, there will be no more cache files generated, but on the other side the already cached files will be alsou not used.

Limit photos per page

Hi I really like the simplicity of your photo gallery, and have been able to set it up quite easily. I have been unable to find if there is a way of restricting the amount of photos per page, or creating a new directory that may have 5 or 6 pages. (eg A wedding album, with 100 photos, I would like to only have 25 photos per page, and a next page option). The idea is to save page loading time for people (especially on dial up). Does this already exist (and I am blind..probably), or is it a feature you are looking at?

New Zealand

MaxCount of photos per page

Hello Mark,

unfortunatelly this feature is not yet implemented. But i have it on my TODO list. I will try to look at this as soon as possible. But i don't think that this will save the time spent with waiting on loading of page. The dialup was the reason why i implemented more possible resolution for photos. Because this is the real place where you can speed up the loading of the page. Drop down the quality and size of resized photos and you can easily dobble or tripple the speed. The same with thumbnails.
The reason why i wanted to implement "maximum count of photos per page" was only estethical.

Admin Section

Make an admin side for this script so people who are FTP stupid can use this script.

Already on TODO

Hi, this is already on my TODO list:) But thank you for your idea! I made already also an install script for this people. Look at this: INSTALL
I will also make an upload section using FTP as you said for this people. Not every one is a programmer or some computer freak:) I'm looking for more so good ideas!
Bye, have a nice day.

no directory thumbnails

when i make a new directory I don't see the folder thumbnails like "dir.png or dir_new.png!!

What's going wrong?

Greeting's Stefan

Re: no directory thumbnails

This is a very strange error, actually, i have no idea what it could be. Do you have it on net, could you send me some link to it?


This is a server problem - or not?

ok this is pretty clear why you have these problems. It is Ad insertion of your webspace provider. Just try to click on that corrupt directory image with right click and then select "view image". What you get is an Advertising and picture. They are putting advertising code into dynamic generated picture. This can not work. The same with dynamicly generated css file. You will have to find som other webspace provider with not so agressive advertising. Soon i will post an article about few free webspace provider where this script is working ok.

Edit: Ok, but thumbnails are working, i think this could be some other problem. In Explorer also CSS works but not in firefox. It could be possible that i dont send header information that this is a picture ... i will check it

Re: no directory thumbnails

solved!!! thanx

.zip file upload

Can you tell me if we can upload a zip file with all the pictures, instead of each file individually?

Re: .zip file upload

Not yet, but soon, i know, at least multiple files would be good.
But if you are familiar to FTP clients just upload the pictures with FTP. If not, i'm sorry there is no other possibility just upload them one by one ...

thumbnails don't work

don't know why...when i click on them the pictures apear. this is the link:

Re: thumbnails don't work

Hello, unfortunatelly i can't see what is the problem. Resizing doesn't work. You have eather problem with GD module or with memory limit. If you send me your setup password, i could check your phpinfo page. Or you can send me the page per mail.

Just run:

save the page and send it me. I will check what could be the problem.


the GD module is the problem :( gives an error, the provider won't install the GD (i think) can i do something else? or if you can tel me some other software that i can use.


Re: Withou GD

Hi, unfortunatelly i think, without GD you will get no php software which can generate thumbnails. You have two possibilities, change your provider or choose some static photo album generator like JAlbum

Good Luck!


thanks for the help i'll look into jalbum.

how to add descriptions

Is this missing from the documentation or have I just not found it? I installed the latest version today and I think it is great. However, I can't figure out how to add descriptions to the thumbnails/images.

Also, the documentation of the setup suggests you can change the colour of the 'setup' link, thus making it invisible. This option doesn't seem to be available in the latest version.


Re: how to add descriptions


Did you work this out - I am too looking for this, thought I was missing something too and I read the docs - where do I add the description for the images uploaded?

EDIT: Found it - need to go into Directories and then select director and then you can edit the pics - strange way of doing it. Would it be possible to add the description at the time of uploading? or immediatley after. Or make a setup for Images for descriptions ot be added etc instead of going to Directories. No probs though I am just going to edit teh admin so that the setup part for directories reads Directories and Images and then add a short description to that page that says how to add descriptiosn to images.



Re: Re: how to add descriptions


the documentation is quite old, i will have to refresh it :) But at least you found that, i was discussing this already somwhere ... setup text you can now change in "texts" Setup section. But if you leave the translation clear it will display default text which is setup. You will have to enter just one space character and , wuala, setup link is invisible :)

No thumbails & No texts

I have the problem that the script doesn't make any thumbnails (but the pictures appear when I click on those "wrong" thumbnails).

And where to put texts for the pictures?

I have checked phpinfo . . GD module is enabled.
How to know if it is a memory problem?




i copied the image-link of one "thumbail" and put it in the browser .. but it just writes the same address like a html-page :(


and.. memory_limit in phpinfo is 24M

my pictures are all in jpeg. max size is 800x600 pixels

I hope this will help you to help me ^^

Re: aha...

Please send me link to your site so i can check it, unfortunately there is no error log implemented. But on TODO ..

WARNING:FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to use adm

Shouln´t this work if i just entered the ftp server and the photos directory info in the main setup ??

Re: WARNING:FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to use

I have the same problem as it appears, because I did a manual install I suppose.

Funny enough I don't see any ftp functions from a grep in any of the files I downloaded...maybe they are only included in the automated install script...very annoying.

Re: Re: WARNING:FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to

HI, there are many ftp_ functions in main.php. And this error is because of not enabled ftp-modul in your PHP installation. Whitout this i can't use ftp so admin section is not usable. You can :
1) ask your provider to enable ftp in your php installation
2) change your provider
3) or use ordinary FTP client to upload your photos.

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